Well-being in Academia


Having been a postdoc in the neurosciences and as a clinical psychologist I have lived and breathed the mental and physical challenges that academic life places on academics. Career researchers and PhD students represent a high-risk population in terms of mental health issues.

“Graduate students were more than 6 times as likely to experience anxiety or depression as compared to the general population” (Evans et al, 2018)

“47% of graduate students in the biosciences at UC Berkeley were depressed”
(UC Berkeley, 2014).

With high-achieving students and academic researchers in mind, I help individuals redesign their cognitive strategies, their habits, and their lifestyles in order to enhance their cognitive functioning - attention, focus, memory, creativity, for example - whilst reducing stress, self-doubt, and perfectionist tendencies which are known to hinder outcomes and performance in this field.

I run workshops specifically tailored to the unique challenges inherent in academia and increasingly faced by PhD/Postdocs and academic faculty.

The workshop focuses on two key themes: THINKING & DOING.

  • THINKING: Reducing self-sabotaging thought & behaviour patterns that hinder performance.

  • DOING: Creating effective coping strategies and improving lifestyle habits to ensure peak performance under conditions of stress and uncertainty.

Optimal well-being AND peak performance are NOT mutually exclusive.

These workshops have been developed based on extensive interviews with PhD students, early career researchers, tenured professors and administration staff. They are grounded in the leading evidence within the fields of neuroscience and psychological practice.

I also work One-on-One with individuals who seek to maximise their cognitive and emotional performance, whilst creating a sustainable, effective and enjoyable lifestyle.

Our academic community deserve to maximise their output AND their life quality.

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