Well-being in Academia


Having lived and breathed the mental and physical challenges that the academic lifestyle can place on people and with high-achieving students/academics in mind, I run workshops specifically tailored to the unique challenges inherent in academia and increasingly faced by PhD/Postdocs and academic faculty.

This 2-day workshop focuses on improving ones brain health, reducing self-sabotaging thought & behaviour patterns, creating a system that is resilient, if not impervious, to stress and uncertainty - allowing for optimal well-being AND performance (high-achievers tend to have a hard time reaching a good compromise between these two aspects).

My focus is on cognitive strategies, habit formation, and lifestyle changes that are proven to enhance cognitive functioning - attention, focus, memory, creativity, for example - whilst reducing stress, self-doubt, and perfectionist tendencies which are known to hinder outcomes and performance in this field.

As a trained clinical psychologist and having been a post doc in the neurosciences at the cutting-edge IST Austria (you can see my academic portfolio here),  I feel uniquely placed to offer scientifically-based strategies specifically tailored to your PhD/Postdoc and faculty populations.

Help your community reduce burnout while maximizing their output and experience .

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