As a former postdoctoral researcher in the neurosciences and a clinical psychologist, I have worked at both ends of the spectrum - from (lab) bench to bedside. My goal has always been translational science - taking science and breaking it down into meaningful, digestible tools for those who stand to benefit from it most.

How can we maximise our brain health for optimal mental functioning now AND in the future?

How can we achieve peak performance in highly challenging, high-stress environments?

After many years working in research in New Zealand, Australia, and Austria, I now live in Spain with my young family and spend my time exploring these questions and many more alongside individuals and institutions that I work with.

Using scientifically-proven strategies from the fields of neuroscience and psychological practice, I help individuals to:

  • reframe maladaptive thought and behaviour patterns that hinder peak performance;

  • develop habits and lifestyle choices that allow us to think, feel, perform and grow with clarity and intention;

  • increase resilience to highly stressful environments;

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